Joel S. Silver is a Canadian composer with a broad set of musical interests. Originally a classically trained pianist and percussionist, Joel discovered electronic music at a young age, which put him on the path to composition and production. He eventually found his way to York University in Toronto, Canada, where he put his focus on Electroacoustic Composition and South Indian Rhythm while continuing to explore the emerging electronic underground.

His love of narrative soon lead him to the film and television world, where he has composed scores, themes, libraries and mnemonics for a diverse set of clients around the world, including BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Channel 4 UK, CBC, Much Music, Netflix and many more. Notable projects include "Dead End" (Hybrid Films - Winner of 33 independent film awards and counting), "The Secrets of Noah's Ark" (YAP Films), "Why Horror?" (SuperChannel - Winner of the Audience Choice Award, Toronto After Dark Film Festival), "The Immigrant" (Best In Show, LA Comedy Film Festival), "Surviving Extremes" (BBC), "Who Do You Think You Are?" (CBC), and "Force of Nature" (Winner of The People's Choice Award, Toronto International Film Festival).

On the more experimental end of things, Joel's music, sound design, and software creations can been found in several installation and performance art pieces, including the critically acclaimed "Overcome" (Max Dean).

As one of the lead composers with Jingle Punks Canada, Joel has scored world class projects like "Spy Kids:Mission Critical" (Netflix & Dimension), provided intense libraries for numerous documentary programs like "Paranormal Survivor" (OHM), "The Eagle Huntress" (Poet Warrior Films) and "Unexpected Killer"(OHM), created whimsical backgrounds for comedy programs like "Still Standing" (CBC) and been part of the team that created the music for popular reality shows like "The Voice" (NBC), "The Launch" (CTV), the "Real Housewives" series (Bravo), "Queer Eye" (Netflix), "Pawn Stars" (History), and many more.
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