"Why Horror?"
(Dir. Rob Lindsay & Nicolas Kleiman - Don Ferguson Productions)

Every so often, a project comes along that requires me to do something almost entirely unique. This was one of those projects.

"Why Horror?" is an in-depth and humorous look at the history and psychological motivations of horror. It follows horror-enthusiast Tal Zimerman as he interviews some of the greatest horror filmmakers of all time. Along the way, he subjects himself (and his poor mother) to some rather intense clinical tests as he delves into the human brain in search of the answer to "why horror?".

For this film, I was asked to create a library of original 1970's horror film music, influenced by the scores of Italian Giallo films of that era. To put it in Tal's words, I was asked to create music that "doesn't sound like Pink Floyd, but rather, sounds like bands that wished they sounded like Pink Floyd".

It was a rare excuse to indulgently dig into analogue synths, endless arpeggios, Mellotron choirs, and roto-tom solos. Here are some highlights:

"Numbers" :

"Arp In 3" :

"Mellots" :

"Electrowarble" :

"Thematix" :

"Batches" :