In the early days of Quarantine 2020, when things seemed unsure and no one knew how long we'd be waiting it out, I was spending a lot of time with my kids, trying to find ways to keep their brains sharp and their naturally curious and creative minds busy. We started exploring music, and I found, much to my delight, they were as intrigued with the science of it as they were with the artistic aspects. That's when the proverbial lightbulb appeared above my head - while there are many great kids' programs about music, none of them seemed to touch upon the fact that music is the perfect union of art and science! And so, I begin development on The Wave Files

Geared towards kids aged 7-12, The Wave Files explores the world of music through the lens of physics, math, engineering, and cultural studies, while still maintaining the artistic and emotional ways it connects us to each other. It seeks to democratize the music making process, giving everyone the tools to understand and pursue their own musical journey!

The Wave Files Pitch - Nov 18/20

* This version of the Pitch includes references to "The Online Lab", an easy-to-use mobile and web app we are conceptualizing that contains a simple but broad creative suite of digital modular instruments and an archive of additional musical information. Obviously, this requires resources to develop, and while it would be ideal to have, The Wave Files would still work well without it.

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