In a hidden forest on the East Coast of Canada, an ambitious developer set out to build a luxury resort but ran out of funds before it could be completed. The unfinished structure became a favourite spot for local skaters looking for a challenging ride. When it was announced that they'd be demolishing the remains, Red Bull brought a team to give it a proper send off.

The director had already cut this film beautifully to an existing song that was completely rhythmically inconsistent, so the first few days of composing this track were spent meticulously creating an irregular click track that hit all the same edits.

"Out of all the projects I've worked on, this is the one that got me the most 'fan mail', much to my surprise. I don't consider myself a singer, and it really took me out of my comfort zone to put my voice out there. I feel very honoured that it resonated with so many people"

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